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Trinity Cristo Rey Lutheran Church, 902 S. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA

  Join us on July 17 as I lead worship with my husband and some other talented musicians from both Christ Lutheran Church, Costa Mesa and Trinity Cristo Rey.  We will be performing one of my songs in the service as well as many other worship songs. CDs will be for sale after the service.


Here's what people are saying about City on a Hill by

Caryn Borland


"If you want a CD that incorporates scripture with a LOVELY melodic voice, this is your CD. It truly brings your focus back onto the Lord and His immense love for you. Truly a talented artist who will hopefully continue to write and perform music for years to come."


"I was privileged to be the recipient of Caryn's new album, what a beautiful gift it is to all of us! Caryn, I already knew how talented you are the first time I heard you sing at church. This album is absolutely fabulous! All the songs you wrote are so touching and beautiful the album just lifts you up completely. Mike your playing is pretty impressive too. It may have taken you 53 year to put it together but your faith,  heart and soul certainly shines  thru all the beautiful music. You're truly a blessing!"


“…Your album is beautiful!  You are blessed and gifted…”


“Dear Caryn,

I have been listening to your CD over and over the past few days!  Wow!  What a gift you have for songwriting.  The Lord has also given you a beautiful voice to glorify Him and your fervent love for Him is evident in your writing.

I must tell you, your song, My Heart’s Desire touched me so, I sat down with my wife, held her hand, and we listened to your song as a sign of my love for her!  We both had wet eyes.

What a blessing this collection of songs will be for those who hear.  I am blown away by your talents!

In Him,   G.

P.S. It is awesome that you walk so closely with our God.”


“Dear Caryn,

I’m so blessed with City on a Hill… Your voice is truly a gift from God.

I did not know that you were such a wonderful singer.  The album cover is cool too, a rock island with a city on it. …it was awesome to hear you sing different tracks in harmony with yourself.  That is great technology and takes real professional work to accomplish.

The duet with Bryan Duncan, Slow Down, was great.  You two blended perfectly.  I have always loved Bryan’s music…

Love and peace in Jesus,   K”

"I am SO enjoying your album Caryn. I always knew you were gifted, but the combination of songs, the variety of instrumentation, and of course your beautiful voice is truly fantastic.. Oh..and the Slow Down song with Bryan....should be dedicated to me...because with a crazy autistic six year old...all I do is run. :)  God is good to use your music to remind me to focus on what's most important in this life...God and those who He's placed around you."